Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What A Dumb Name!

I was looking out my office window today (actually, my boss's window) and saw the Fifth Third Bank building.  I think that is the dumbest name I ever heard for a bank, or any company for that matter.  I could see how it could be a 5th bank or a 3rd bank, but how could it be a Fifth Third Bank?

My boss, being inquisitive and liking trivia put the question to to Yahoo Answers and we found out that Third Bank and Fifth Bank actually merged in 1908 and they kept both names.  You may wonder how they chose Fifth Third rather than Third Fifth.  The answer said "the merger took place during a period when prohibitionist ideas were gaining popularity, it was believed that "Fifth Third" was better than "Third Fifth," which could be construed as a reference to three "fifths" of alcohol."

I would think the executives would be able to think of a brand new name that would be better, wouldn't you?  

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Sandee said...

That's a pretty dumb name indeed. I can see why it's called that though.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to all the babies. ☺

Lin said...

That name drives me crazy. I call it 1 and 2/3's bank. Call me old school.

Kara said...

I've thought that exact same thing! Having seen the name before (we don't have any of those in my town, but I've seen it other places), I've often wondered what on earth the naming people were thinking?! As you said, they really should have just came up with something totally new.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Before we were married, Gerard had his accounts at Fifth Third but after we married, one of the very first things I did was to close out his accounts and deposit his money into our accounts at my Dollar Bank (I like that name).

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