Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fragments (shopping, learning, politics, news)

Friday Fragments is hosted by Unknown Mama for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post to give Mrs. 4444 a break for the summer. Here we go:

Stupid Store

Last Saturday we went shopping for a new pair of tennis shoes for Gerard at a close by mall. After discovering Dick's didn't have many wide widths, we checked out Shoe Dept. and found a white and black Nike Air Max right shoe in size 10 the fit real well that Gerard liked. Too bad they couldn't find the left shoe to match it! The boxes were all mixed up by sizes too and I just kept thinking I could never work in this store. They did offer to order them for us, but didn't have any idea when they would get in. We returned to Dick's and settled for a nice Size 10 Nike black and blue Air Max even though it wasn't a D width.

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Interesting Walks

Abby had two interesting walks this week: (1) we saw a skunk! and (2) at the park we saw a vulture! Abby went after both but fortunately the skunk ran off!

Funny Things at Zoo

When we went to the zoo yesterday, I was on the lookout for some funny things which I put into a video. I missed getting the Bald Eagle flapping its wings, the squirrel running through the fence leaving the Red Panda's exhibit, the two chipmunks chasing each other on the path and the real little boy with a Mohawk hair cut being carried my his mom. Here's the YOuTube link to view what I did find: Funny Things at the Zoo



When checking out at Dick's, I learned there are lots of different kinds of worms! Dick's sells all these worms for bait: Big Red worms, Green worms, Wax worms, Meal Worms, Butter worms and Night Crawlers. I asked the cashier what kind I find in my yard and he said those would be night crawlers. I would have liked to have seen what they all looked like and taken a picture for you, but the guy already probably thought I was nuts copying down the list.

Air Max Shoes

If you are on your feet all day like Gerard is, Nike Air Max shoes are great!


My husband, Gerard, got a Facebook page and is learning how to use it. He says everything is on Facebook or Twitter these days! He likes to follow his sports teams and news but did add me as a family friend.

Mayor Cats

A cat named Morris is running for mayor of Mexican city Veracruz and has nearly 100,000 more "likes" on Facebook than the other four mayoral candidates! I think this is hilarious. Hey, if a cat named Stubbs could be mayor for 15 years in Talkeetna, Alaska, there's hope for all cats! People actually voted for the cat!!!

Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox were the first American League team to win 50 games this year in spite of the "experts" prediction that they will finish in last place this season--Ha!

No. 1 TV Show

Can you guess what it was this week? It was "Under the Dome" based on the Stephen King novel. I read the book and watched the show--both were very good!

USA Security?

I think I saw on Yahoo News or else on Act America this week that Russian troops have been hired to provide security at the super bowl! Is this plain crazy or what? (Thistle Cove Farm wrote about this too!)

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BeadedTail said...

Hope Gerard's new shoes work out! That's too bad they didn't have his width. I'd love to live in a city with a kitty mayor! I remember night crawlers from when I used to fish!

Sandee said...

I think the kitty mayor is a hoot. Why not. They can't do any worse than many majors we already have.

Have a fabulous day. :)

linda eller said...

I agree with the others, that a kitty mayor might be the best kind. Hope the new shoes can be broken in and feel comfortable.

Lin said...

The other shoe may have been the sample...maybe??? I find that very frustrating when you can't find a size you want in the shoe you want. arrrrggghh. I'm glad Gerard finally got something he likes.

Stay away from the skunks!!! EEEK!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I am so glad the skunk ran off. We were not so lucky twice with my daughters doberman. He smelled skunky for weeks...
I get more nervous (panicked) about our security every day.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I love how you thought the cashier would think you crazy for writing down the list of worms. Maybe you need a Blogger's Badge to wear so people think you're all official like.

I'm recording Under the Dome and like it too. Except in the very beginning I went nuts trying to find out where I'd seen the bearded police officer before (with striking blue eyes). I later looked up the actor. He played Frank Lapidus on Lost, the airplane pilot.

Unknown Mami said...

A disorganized shoe store like that would drive me crazy. Utterly batty.

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