Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's Rewind That and Do Over (Writer's Workshop)

When we were off Tuesday, I really could have used the super power of being able to go back in time and do things differently. I took my van up to the repair shop, Parma Tire, at the corner of our street to get it "winterized" and then went with Gerard to Dick's so he could use the gift card he got for Christmas. It was very cold outside but not as snowy as Monday was. He had put my club in his car because he knows his works hard and I don't like it.

After walking around about an hour, he finally bought a Browns hoodie that I suggested because he was looking at the hoodies and doesn't have any Browns shirts at all. When we got back to the car I realized the key to my club was at Parma Tire with my car keys so couldn't get the club off. For some reason, Gerard doesn't have the extra key I gave him on his key chain but keeps it in the house. Well, at that point I sure would have liked to have been able to hit my rewind button and go back in time to when I parked the car and not put on my club.

I tried backing up thinking I'd just drive with it on but soon realized I couldn't turn the steering wheel far enough to actually turn the car! The club really does work! I am thankful I had Parma Tire's phone number in my cell phone and called them. They were very nice and about 20 minutes later one of the mechanic's arrived in my van and gave me my club key. Back home we went, laughing at how we were a pair of goofs.

Ever wish you could rewind and go back to do something differently? I bet you have. Please share about your experience in the comments and make us feel better.

The Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt I chose to do this week is You wake up one day with an unusual super power that seems pretty worthless—until you are caught in a situation that requires that specific “talent.”

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Daisy said...

When we moved to VA a few years ago, we bought a beautiful new-construction house. Too late, we all realized that between being fairly near Dulles airport and a busy road, the home was far too noisy. Luckily, we were transferred back to south Florida. We now understand the importance of living in a very quiet area, so we won't make that mistake again, no matter how pretty the house!

Karen said...

Oh no!That was so nice of the mechanic to bring the keys to you. It probably gave him a break too.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

I think having "rewind" power would not be worthless at all...but maybe I do many more goofy things than the average person?

Holly Lefevre said...

A rewind super power would be SUPER! Glad you had some good cusotmer service at Parma Tire...
Holly @ 504 Main

junebug said...

This reminds me that I have a club and I haven't been able to find the key for over 10 years. It just takes up space in the garage. It would be nice to go back in time to when I knew where the key was and retrieve it.

visiting via mama kat

Unknown said...

I am so glad the people at the repair shop were so kind! Very nice. A Brown's hoodie sounds like a great thing for a Christmas present! : )

KatBouska said...

I would LOVE rewind power, but would totally abuse it. I would rewind after finishing a bowl of ice cream so I could taste it all over again. I would rewind when I have "buyers remorse". I would rewind when I'm having a fun night out that I don't want to end.

It's probably best we don't have that power. But it would be nice.

BeadedTail said...

I would rewind to the time when our vet told us to go home after I took my cat Panther in because she had fluid in her lungs. I should never have left her because I never saw her alive again. They did call us to come in but we were a few minutes too late and I regret that so much.

Linda said...

Hi, Thank you for your comment. I would gladly exchange some of our weather for yours.
There are always parts of time we would love to rewind...

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: Location, location location! Very important!

Karen: Yes, it was nice of him and I don't think they charged us for the trip either!

June: Maybe it's not so worthless, but I couldn't think of any better one to go with this post.

Holly: I agree, the more I think of it, the better I like it--rewind power. I'm glad the mechanic came to our rescue too!

Junebug: That's the problem with keys. I have the opposite problem. I have keys laying around that I don't know what they go to.

Life With Kaishon: We are good customers--we've dumped a LOT of money into that business! The Browns hoodie looks very nice on him--glad I went along to help him find something good.

Mama Kat: I love your use of the rewind power! It would be nice to have!

Beaded Tail: That's so sad. I had a similar experience when my mom died. That would have been a good time for the rewind power too!

Linda: The more I think about it the more I'd like to have it.

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