Sunday, May 31, 2020

Peaceful Protest?

What if people would actually treat others as they would like to be treated?  I really wish people would follow this simple guideline and the world would be such a better place!

Image result for justice images clip artPolice brutality is an outrage and what happened to George Floyd at the hand of a policeman is certainly a terrible thing.  The video showed on the news was very upsetting to me and I was glad to hear justice will be done.  I just don't understand how these protests will make it better.  The policeman has been removed from duty, arrested and charged with murder or manslaughter so I don't know what more the protesters expect.  The police need to stop killing their suspects and use only necessary measures to get them into custody and get a trial they are entitled to having.

When I see protestors holding signs that read "Black Lives Matter" it gets me mad that Blacks still feel prejudices against them.  People are people regardless of race.  We need to get past grouping people by race and view everyone as a valued person.  Just like we need to get past labeling people as republicans and democrats.  We should all be Americans.  If only we could get rid of the labels and all the divisions this would be a better country!

I understand people have the right to PEACEFULLY assemble and protest, but I wonder--is any protest totally peaceful?  It only takes a few to start violence and in a crowd, it seems to spread pretty quickly.  People sometimes will do things in a large group that they normally would not do.

Certainly burning down the police station and destroying property, businesses and looting isn't going to solve anything, but just make matters worse.  Have these violent protesters never heard that "Two wrongs do not make a right"?  I feel bad for these many business owners who worked so hard to get their business to survive through the COVID-19 shutdown, only to have to deal with the aftermath of the violent protesters who ruined their business.   Furthermore, add to these protests the total disregard for the 6' recommended social distancing during this Pandemic and I can't believe how many people acted so irresponsibly.  I get so upset when I watch the news lately. 

Personally, I don't see that protests are ever productive, especially not these that are happening now!  There is no reason for them.  No one is happy with policy brutality, not even the police!  It reflects poorly on them.  When people become violent, as they tend to do at protests, it gives the police no choice but to do what they can to maintain some order.  Of course, people will get hurt.  They should leave before that happens!

Seeing these violent protests across our nation, including downtown Cleveland, makes me sick.

Jesus said in Luke 6:31 (contemporary English version): Treat others just as you want to be treated.
I try to do this, how about you? Don't you wish everyone would do this?

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Brian said...

We have a different twist, we try to treat everyone the way the want to be treated, they might not like how we like to be treated.

Karen and Gerard said...

Brian, considering you're a cat, that's a good thing! Thanks for stopping by.

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