Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Disappointment--Why Don't People Follow Rules???

First of all, I want to thank all those who are currently serving or have served in our armed forces on this very unusual Memorial Day.  No parade to go see this year.

It's a beautiful day, temperature in the 70s this morning and I was looking forward to playing Pickleball again with the group at Independence, Ohio.  I went up today only to be disappointed.  The was a big blue and white sign posted right next to the gate to the Pickleball courts which had some rules for playing:

Maintain 6 feet apart.
Only players allowed. 
Singles only.
Wash your hands at least 20 seconds when you get home and sanitize your equipment.
Courts will be closed indefinitely if these rules are not followed.

When I arrived, there was already a court going with three people so I made four.  I immediately pointed out the rules that we can only play singles, not doubles.  They all just scoffed at me saying they had played doubles last week, that it is okay.  Plus I noticed none of them even had masks.  It is extremely difficult to play 6 feet from your partner the whole time.  Therefore, I wore a mask and was very surprised that no one else did.  The one lady assured me that they live in Independence and know people so it was all right to play doubles, it wouldn't be shut down. 

I played a game trying my very best to maintain the 6' distance from my partner.  Mostly, I succeeded, but a couple times we were less than that.  The other side didn't even seem to be making an effort to keep 6' apart.  This really irritated me.  I played very well though and we won 11-4.  Another court started up with no masks and playing doubles as well. 

Another person came and I offered to play singles with someone but no one wanted to play singles so I left after just the one game.  I did not feel comfortable and couldn't get the others to follow the rules.  I was really looking forward to playing again with the group; however, it is not worth putting myself at risk.  I am so disappointed that people refuse to follow the rules to keep others safe!  I intend to check back to see if any will follow the rules, but if they don't, I'm out of there!

People who think they are above following rules is quickly becoming a pet peeve of mine!  I can't believe people are not taking COVID-19 seriously after all the deaths and all the precautions that the doctors and government officials have put in place.

This virus is not gone yet!  Please continue to be patient and stay safe.  Wear a mask when out in public if you cannot keep 6 feet apart.

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Brian said...

Very few every followed the rules here, scary.

Beth Ann said...

We live in a "gated" community and pickle ball is a fav sport. They have allowed some of the courts to be used now that we are in phase 2 but there are rules just like you have in Ohio. From the sounds of it our folks are obeying the rules and that makes sense to me. I agree--when people willingly disobey the "Rules" it is going to end in more spread of the disease and more deaths. I am so concerned about it but I guess we have to understand that people are going to do what they think they can but it will not end well. I have no desire to go to a big gathering anywhere, sit in a restaurant or even go to church even though I miss it. Keep safe, Karen!

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