Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Game Called "TRUMP"

Just so you know, we don't only have old games.  Friday night we played one of our newer ones--TRUMP.  It is a real estate game about making deals, bidding for property and just trying to make the most money.  An odd thing about it is that we are dealing with millions of dollars which I am not used to counting.  It was a little hard when it came to totaling everything up at the end!  I won by $510,000,000 with a total sum of $1,250,000,000! 

I think this is only the third time we played it because it's really a game meant for 3-4 players.  With only two of us playing, we modified it a bit by only using about half the Trump cards so it wouldn't take as long.  The game ends when the pile of Trump cards are gone.  Play just continues until no one can play any more Trump cards they hold.  Then you add up all the money you have, including what is hidden in the properties you own.

Have you ever played this one?

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