Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

We went to the Parma parade this morning, but it wasn't near as much fun as it used to be when we had
our dog with us!  She loved coming along to see all the people at get a lot of attention.  Four years ago Abby made friends real fast and barked along with the people while they were cheering and clapping and then the Parma Animal Shelter people came by in the parade and someone gave Gerard a whole big treat bag just for her and the people around us clapped for her and told her how she was such a nice dog. WOW she was a HAPPY GIRL!

I was disappointed in the high school marching bands because they didn't play any patriotic song, at least not when they went by us.  I thought that was quite odd.  I did enjoy seeing some dogs and horses in the parade, and the martial arts demonstration was cool too.  As they went along, a guy would hold a thin piece of wood and different kids would take turns breaking it by kicking it.

I also felt very good about handing out our Summer Shake Up fliers to moms and one dad before the parade actually got started.  Everyone was very receptive and seemed interested in letting their children come.  One mother said they could bring a group of 30 children!  I said, that's great!  Bring them, we'd love to have them!   You can register online at

I wanted to add some patriotic music to my video but didn't see that option on YouTube.  I know they used to have it before. 

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Lin said...

High School bands typically have a "set list" that can be played for anything from parades to football games to general performances at the school. There is usually a patriotic medley that would mostly have been played at the judges stand at the parade. (Most parades actually have a judges stand, believe it or not--it is where the city big wigs sit up high to enjoy the parade) The band doesn't spend a whole lot of time learning music for one specific situation, like the 4th of July parade.

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