Saturday, July 6, 2019

4 Things I Learned This Week (Email, Medical, Home, FB)

(1)  One thing I learned is that to get a smiley face in an email, just type a semi-colon, hyphen and a closed parenthesis ";-)."  I guess this is common knowledge, but I didn't know about it until I asked a co-worker this week how to do it.

Another thing is that anyone 65 years or older should get a Pneumonia vaccine, a Tetanus vaccine every ten years, and now there is a vaccine for Shingles for anyone over 50.  I can get these at the Walmart Pharmacy with no appointment!  They said Medicare covers the Pneumonia one because it is so important and they want to encourage people to get it.  Well, now that I know this, I need to get it done.

Oops, we've had a sump pump in our basement for years and just today I noticed that we were supposed to have a maintenance visit every year on it.  I called to schedule one with Basement Systems this morning, but they are only open Monday - Friday.  See what happens if I don't write things on my calendar?

(4)  I learned how do "check-in" to a place on Facebook when our new Pastor asked the congregation to check-in at church on Facebook.  I had to wait until I got home to do it and then it took me a little time to figure it out.  Once you put in your comment, then click on the 3 little dots at the bottom to open up more options, one of which is "check-in" which you then click on and it brings up a list of places that you can choose.  It'll show a map with the post when you post it.
Only 107 days until I retire!

Hope you learned something from this post!  How about sharing something you learned this week in the comments--anything at all.

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Brian said...

Good stuff, we have a sump pump in our crawl space and it gets checked out every year too. Have a fabulous weekend!

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