Saturday, November 18, 2017

"Muddy Fun"

When we went to Giant Eagle today I saw some bulbs for sale.  The pictures of the spring flowers on the boxes got my attention and on impulse bought four boxes:  Hyacinths, Snow Crocuses, Early Snow Glories and Grecian Windflowers.  I thought planting some bulbs would the perfect activity for a rainy Saturday.  I should have checked how deep to plant them though because some were only 3" deep but others were 8".  The box instructions were very simple:  dig (plant in area with good drainage & full sun to partial shade), drop (place bulbs in soil, pointy side up and water), done. 

Some bulbs were easy to tell the point; however, for the Grecian Windflowers it was just a guess.  They were basically kind of flat shaped like a triangle so I am not sure if I placed those in right our not.  I mixed them in with the Early Snow Glories just in case I goofed because the Snow Glories were obvious.  Since the ground was already wet and it is supposed to rain all day, I did not water them.  Hopefully we will have some pretty flowers in the spring!

I was glad I thought to put some old shoes on because by the fence along the drive we had to dig down 8" with the shovel and it was VERY muddy.  I also wore two hats, one to keep me warm and the other a cap to keep the rain off my glasses and face.  It wasn't very comfortable, but it worked!  The temperature was near 50 degrees so wasn't too bad.

Do you plant any bulbs?  We have daffodils that come back every year and a few crocus that pop up yet.

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Lin said...

While I don't like planting bulbs, I do enjoy those first few blossoms peeking out from under the snow. Gotta watch those darn squirrels though--they like to dig them up and eat them.

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin, I agree. I like seeing the early spring flowers and yes, the squirrels may get at them but hopefully not. I like squirrels though so wouldn't be too upset if they dug up the bulbs.

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