Friday, November 10, 2017

Boxes Are The Best! (by Spunky Doodle)


After living in our house 20 years, Karen finally unpacked one of the boxes that was in the den and was kind enough to let me have it!  After jumping into it several times, she brought it downstairs to my computer room where she set it upside so I could crawl inside.  I had a great time knocking it over because she set it up on the flaps so it moved easily.  Then Gerard moved it next to the wall on its side so I could walk inside easily. 

I'm guessing since it got so cold, this morning, Karen made it more comfy for me and made it look much nicer with a couple soft blankets from the Humane Society.  If you have a cat and want to give it something special, just find an empty box!  Be nice to your cat today.

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Lin said...

Owen's favorite thing in the whole world is his box! Joe opened his cigar order and in popped Owen...and it has stayed on our table ever since. Well, we move it for meals. And when that box gets a little misshapen, Joe orders more cigars (and a new box!).

Summer said...

We just got a big, brand new box today! Yay!

Sandee said...

Even better with the warm blankets. So cute. What a nice thing they did for you.

Have a purrfect weekend. ☺

Spunky Doodle said...

Lin, sounds like you treat Owen very well, he is lucky to have you!

Summer, yay for you! Enjoy!

Sandee, Yes, Karen is very nice to me. I love being warm!

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