Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Fragments (pets, books, teaching, news)

Friday Fragments is hosted by Half Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post.

Spunky Doodle

Spunky Doodle lived up to her name again this week. She cracked me up when I was getting Abby's dog food ready for the next day. She always jumps up on the kitchen counter where I'm working and tries to get some. Last night I tried putting her off and she jumped right back up over and over again about 12 times! She is one persistent cat and I finally gave up and let her stay. I emptied one bag into the other and she stuck her head all the way in trying to get crumbs. I really should have gotten Gerard to video this. Maybe we can do it again. She also got into some mischief this week but you'll have to wait for our Monday Mischief post for that.


Abby went to get groomed this week and didn't make a fuss, just walked right in but then couldn't get out of there fast enough! Boy, did the fur fly! She came home smelling real nice with a brand new pink bandana and all soft (softer than usual). Karen and Gerard found a car fence online for dogs to keep them safe in the car. I'm not quite sure if I'd like this contraption or not. Do any of you have this? Do you like it?

Good News

Got a call from my hubby at work yesterday saying that he can have off to help in our church sports camp too! He will be a blue shirt worker which is basically a "go-for" job. The blue shirt people assist the coaches, escort children to/from the restrooms and first-aid, set out the snacks, take care of attendance and giving out the free gifts each day. I'm glad he will be involved too. He also is going to help set up the Wednesday before camp starts.

Good Book

We both just finished reading Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline and liked it. Gerard didn't care for the ending but I liked it even though it wasn't very believable. I like happy endings! It's about a modern-day family of three, who are struggling in their marriage and have a teenage son, Ryan, who is a good student and a good basketball player hoping for a scholarship. When the father and son decide to keep quiet about the hit-and-run accident they were in, things go from bad to worse. Click the link to read our reviews.

New Class

Last Sunday, the new 6th grade girls were added to my class of new 6th grade boys for the summer. We still only had six so that's one reason it makes sense to combine classes. It went well and I think I'm going to like it. It certainly changes the dynamic of the class!

Opinions on the News

I am so sick of hearing about the "Gay Games" coming to Cleveland. I want nothing to do with this.

The President making deals with the Taliban is UNBELIEVABLE! How does he get away with this? Can anyone explain this to me?

In Cleveland, I like the talk about the "sin" tax which goes to help pay for the sports facilities. The talk is to have the teams "compete" for it. It may be based on the team's performance. I like that!

What say you?

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Mary said...

Sounds like some interesting things are going on in Cleveland!
We have a "car hammock" for Laika, and it works well. It's not made out of mesh, but she can still see us and see outside.
You can find it in Petsmart or on Amazon.

Thank You, Great Spirit said...

When I had my two cocker spaniels I put a gate up between the backseat and the back of the SUV. It worked well. I first did this to keep them from jumping over the seat onto my kids when they were still in car seats. Now I have smaller dogs and I'm thinking about getting those little dog seat belts to keep them safe. :-)

retired not tired said...

Lovely frags this week.

Cathy said...

Love the pics of your cat and dog...Beautiful animals!

Sandee said...

We have a seat belt of sorts for Little Bit in the truck. It keeps her confined on a small area in case of an accident. Having 80 pounds of dog all over the place isn't safe for any of us.

I'm glad hubby can help with the church's' sports camp.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the babies. ☺

Sparkle said...

I would love to see a video of Spunky causing mischief!

Mrs4444 said...

I agree with you on the Taliban BS, and how is that soldier ever going to live that down?

How great, that Gerard will be helping, too, this summer.

Thanks for linking up, Karen. I hope you're having a great week!

Mrs4444 said...

I agree with you on the Taliban BS, and how is that soldier ever going to live that down?

How great, that Gerard will be helping, too, this summer.

Thanks for linking up, Karen. I hope you're having a great week!

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