Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Thought It Would Be Easy!

In keeping with my efforts to consciously move more and sit less, I used my Amazon gift card to buy a lectern so I can read and do paperwork standing up at home.  I figured I would have to assemble it but how hard can screwing in some screws be?  Well, it turns out that it IS hard!  I checked for all the pieces and it was nice that the instructions had pictures of the different parts so I could tell what screws went where.

My first question was why do they have 8 holes to attach the platform to the stand but tell me to use just four wood screws?  I picked four of the eight holes and started putting them in.  I noticed my Phillips screwdriver had a prong broken off but fortunately, I found another one.  These things went in very hard and I couldn't get them all the way in.  Then I noticed my hand was hurting and sure enough, some skin had torn off right in the middle of my palm.  Seriously, who gets hurt using a screwdriver?  I couldn't believe it!  So, this is how far I got on assembling my lectern until my hand heals or until someone volunteers to do this for me.

My cats were sad they couldn't be of more help.  My husband said, they're in good enough but he knows I like to do things right and want things perfect.  My friend Sue who owns "Helping Hands" may be getting a call to put this together for me, but I hate to admit I am so screwy challenged.   Does anyone else have problems with screws?

Success a week later--no more trouble with the flat head screws and posts!

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Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Tsk, tsk, Karen. Remember I told you how hard it was putting together a side table for my living room? It was like a five hour ordeal. Too many screws, not enough holes and the cats don't help AT ALL! I'm sorry you injured yourself, but I can see that happening to me too. I will never ever assemble anything that big again in my life. Ain't worth it!

Lin said...

There are just some projects that are poorly made/designed from the start. You should probably invest in a power screwdriver. We have one that is re-chargeable and it just hangs on the wall until you need it for something like this. Sometimes you just need a little more oomph behind .....uh....your "screwing."

Wait...that didn't sound right.

Well, you know what I mean! Sometimes our hands don't have the strength to get them in, but the power screwdriver helps.

BeadedTail said...

My hand strength isn't all that great so I don't like using the screwdriver. Hope you're able to get help in getting it just right! Standing up to read or do paperwork doesn't sound fun to me but I do know it's better for you. My husband has a co-worker who stands at his computer all day long because he has a bad back and can't sit for long. That sounds miserable to me!

Sandee said...

Don't feel bad. All those put together things are difficult. Hubby and I have a dickens of a time trying to put things together. Rarely do they go easily. Mostly they just don't go worth a hoot,

Have a terrific day. ☺

Karen and Gerard said...

Kathy: I do remember your assembly experience that you shared. I just thought I was on a roll after getting the lamp together without too much trouble--it hasn't fallen apart yet and still works, yea!

Lin: You are right, It would be easier if I had a power screwdriver, but I don't. I thought about that when I was doing it. My dad had all sorts of tools but all my tools pretty much fit in a can and one drawer. Times like this I really miss my dad--he was Mr. Handy jack of all trades.

Beaded Tail: I would LOVE to have my computer on a stand so I could use it standing up! Some of our wordprocessors at work have those but none of the secretaries that I know of. I'm going to ask for one this year though, yes, I am!

Sandee: You make me feel so much better about this. Glad we aren't the only ones. My hubby tried to tighten them more too and couldn't get them either.

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