Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Humiliating Experience (Writer's Workshop)

In fourth grade a little girl was totally humiliated. She was a very quiet, shy, sensitive little girl who ALWAYS did as she was told. Unfortunately, when this girl had to move from the suburbs to Cleveland during the school year, she got the meanest, crabbiest teacher she ever had who I'll refer to as Ms. Grump. Although the little girl tried very hard to please this old lady, nothing she could do was good enough, especially handwriting. The girl's grades plummeted and she hated school that year.

One day after giving permission for several children to use the restroom, Ms. Grump got very angry at the class and announced "NO ONE IS ALLOWED OUT OF THIS ROOM FOR ANY REASON UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY!" Well, shortly after this proclamation, the little girl had to use the bathroom which she never had to do at school before until was Ms. Grump said that. Not wanting to make Ms. Grump any angrier and knowing she wouldn't be allowed to use the restroom, the girl just sat at her desk quietly and tried to hold it but peed her pants rather than ask permission to leave from Ms. Grump. A puddle formed around her desk. A classmate close by pointed out the water on the floor and pretty soon giggles busted out around the room. Ms. Grump saw what happened and the principal called the girl's mother to tell her that her daughter had a little accident and she should bring a change of clothes.

I was that little girl. I must say the other kids were great! They still treated me the same without making fun of me or teasing me about it. I think they all understood and felt sorry for me. I questioned if I should post this or not since it is something I'd rather forget, knowing that now the whole world could know. Since it was so long ago, I decided to hoping any teacher reading this will learn that being mean and intimidating is not the best way to teach.

What experience would you like to forget?

This post is in response to the assignment to "Describe an experience that you wish you could shake from your memory" as part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop where you can find links to others or participate as well.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I had a similar accident and I'm not sure if it's any worse than your experience. I had gotten my period early (sixth grade) and was just getting used to how much protection I'd need. I didn't have enough one day. Soaked through my skirt and onto the seat. I managed to get a sweater and wrap it around my waist, but the damage was done. Many students saw what happened. I was humiliated and pretend, to this day, that no one remembers it. I pray they don't.

The Bumbles said...

Your post reminds me of a chapter from "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" that I just finished re-reading. So many embarrasing things happen to us - especially as children. But what is a traumatizing memory for us likely is something that those around us hardly even remember. I'm glad you shared your experience in order to point out the possibilities to others who might find themselves in a similar situation - either as the adult or the child.

Melissa B. said...

Kids are such meanies! I'm glad you shared this post, though.

Here's Pie in Your Eye!

J Mac said...

Poor little girl..teachers can be mean. Thanks for sharing!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Anonymous: Oh yeah, that happened to me in 7th or 8th grade.

The Bumbles: I liked that "Tree Grows In Brooklyn" book too! Good thing people forget stuff that is embarrassing to us.

Melissa: Actually, the kids weren't too mean to me.

Jaqueline: My 4th grade teacher was old, near retirement, probably sick of teaching and very mean. It was my worst school year.

Lin said...

Oh, how horrible, Karen! Colin has an awful teacher like that this year and he is a Senior in high school. Day 3 I was in the asst. principal's office trying to get him out of her class. Long story short--he's still in there "toughing" it out. They don't "switch teachers" so he (as a child) was forced to either drop out of Honors English IV or "tough it out". Great options, eh?

Teachers unions are waaaaayyyyyy too strong. Your teacher and his shouldn't be teaching.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Oh my goodness, I understand why you'd want to forget it! I used to have to tell one of my teachers my stomach hurt - every day - because it's the only way she'd let me use the bathroom between breaks. I once peed my pants on the bus ride home - an hour long ride and no place to stop.

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