Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rearranging the Living Room—Cats Approve!

When I was home sick from work and decided to read for awhile, I decided to move our one chair over in front of the big front window where we could get more light to see to read later in the evening. Also, in the summer, on warm days we get a nice breeze if we open that window and it’s very pleasant to read there on hot days. I moved the cat bed and Buddy Bear to the other end of the couch to make room for the chair in the corner, and also moved the cat tree closer to the window in anticipation of the warm summer breezes coming in for the cats to enjoy. I’m able to read past 8:00 p.m. without turning on a light now.

Both my cats immediately went to explore the new arrangement. I think they like it! Spunky even sat on the top back of the chair while I sat in the chair reading. Although I haven’t seen Manny on the chair yet, he does like laying on the round tunnel part of the cat tree to look out the window. Spunky has claimed the chair as hers and has slept in it every night since I’ve moved it there.

You can read our cats' blog about this at Happy Day With Karen by Manny & Spunky.


Kathy said...

Isn't it funny how our cats claim spots in the house? Our Shadow claimed the back of the couch. You can tell it's hers even if she's not there because there's a big cat-shaped crater in the middle pillow. No other cat is allowed to sit there or she gets all territorial.

I like your new spot. It's nice to have extra light and an occasional breeze isn't bad either. Enjoy!

Chris said...

My cats and dogs all turn out to watch when I move furniture around - it usually unearths some long forgotten furry mice and balls. Cats are such curious creatures anyway and they seem to love things in new places. I think it's great that you're conserving electricity - natural light is always easier to read by too.

Daisy said...

I would approve of that arrangement, too. I love sitting by the window and looking out. It's better than TV!

BeadedTail said...

I have a feeling that both Spunky and Manny think you re-arranged the furniture just for them! What's better than a comfy chair and a cat tree right by the window?

Jude said...

I don't have cats, but I know my dogs love looking out the window and watching people and cars go by and the sun makes their bones feel good when they are older. Great new arrangement.

The Author said...

What a lovely idea to move your chair closer to the window to enjoy a nice warm breeze. I'm sure you are right about the cats appreciating that and they do already look happy. I'm off to visit their blog.

Karen and Gerard said...

Kathy--My Spunky Doodle seems to claim several spots as hers! Manny is pretty laid back and will just go where Spunky isn't usually. His favorite spot seems to be on my legs!

Chris--I heard that cats don't like change, but whenever I change around the furniture or bring something into the house, they're right there to investigate. Gerard likes reading in the chair by the window too so if Spunky's there, he'll just chase her off.

Jude--Yes, cats and dogs both like the sun!

Mountain Woman--Spunky Doodle and Manny are very excited about you visiting their blog and told me to be sure to thank you for stopping by.

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