Monday, January 1, 2018

My New Pillow by Spunky Doodle

When Gerard and Karen got new "My Pillows" for Christmas, I got one of their old ones for my cardboard bed box.  I like it because it keeps me warmer and is soft.  I like to kneed it like I used to do when it was on their bed.  Just thought you might like to know what you could do with your old pillows.  Karen covered it with a nice blanket that we got from the Humane Society just for making a donation.

What did your pets get for Christmas?  I was hoping for one of those hamster wheels for cats but did not get that.  Maybe next year.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Our big Christmas Present

This year we really splurged and bought ourselves a Tempu-Pedic Cloud bed that is adjustable.  The salesman said it was the best bed there is and should last over ten years.  It has a remote control that adjusts the head and the foot.  When we tested it in the store, it was so comfortable, we sucked up the price and bought it.  We did save $800 by not getting the breeze which is a little air that keeps you cool while you sleep.  I have a feeling when summer comes, we'll be kicking ourselves for not getting that feature, but $800 is a lot of money and we were already spending $3,000 on it as it was.

I also took advantage of the TV buy one get one free deal for two My Pillows.  They weren't cheap either but also have a 10-yr. warranty and are washable. 

Normally, I never would have considered spending that kind of money on a bed; however, I figured with my Christmas bonus, cash from my boss and the money I would have had to spend on for my second colonoscopy I could spend on the bed instead since I think my insurance should finally cover this last huge medical expense.

So, did you get any big items for Christmas this year?

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Great Drink!

One good thing that came from having a colonoscopy was finding a good drink--Zero Vitamin water.  When I had to go a whole day without food the day before, I found this when looking for sugarless Gatorade (which I never found):

This one is dragonfruit which I never heard of before as a flavor, but is very good!  Other flavors are orange, acqi-blueberry-pomegranate, lemonade, strawberry lemonade and fruit punch.  The bonus benefit besides it tasting good and having vitamins is that certain ones have 0 sugar and 0 salt.  Some have 32g of sugar though so you have to check the labels but I love it.  Today they were on sale for $1 but normally cost $1.59 each. 

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Friday, November 24, 2017

A Must See Movie: Wonder (Updated with Book Review)

My husband suggested we go see this family movie and showed me the trailer which got my interest.  We saw it Thanksgiving morning and both loved it!  I was impressed with the cast, the multiple story lines and the insight into human nature that is portrayed in this film which is based on a book written by R. J. Palacio.

It is about Auggie who was born with lots of problems including some facial deformity that surgery couldn't fix.  Halloween is his favorite holiday because he can wear a mask and fit it like everyone else that day.  He wants so much to look ordinary so little kids are not afraid of him and other kids his age would quit being mean to him because of how he looks.  His parents ache for him to get out into the world and have a normal life but do not want to see him get hurt.  His sister loves him very much but feels her parents don't have time for her because their world seems to revolve around Auggie.

I really liked all the characters in this one and was so happy when Auggie finally became comfortable without the helmet on all the time because he was making some friends.  This has lots of great moments and is both heartwarming, inspirational and very relevant.  Many people tear up on this one; you can't help but feel for the kid.  The theme is to choose to be kind to others regardless of how they look but to also realize everyone is a wonder.  This is a wonderful movie and I look forward to reading the book because usually the book is even better than the movie.

If you've seen this, share one of your favorite scenes in the comments.  If you haven't seen it, go see it!

In this case, I enjoyed the movie more than the book, but the book was good too.  Here is my review of the book:  Wonder by R. J. Palacio is about Auggie’s fifth grade year, a boy with a deformed face who was homeschooled through 4th grade. Auggie has a rough start at the beginning of middle school, but shows courage and determination by not quitting. This is an emotional read that includes perspectives from several different characters. Themes in this are bullying, friendship and family. This book has photos from the movie, comments from those involved in making the movie and discussion questions in the back.

Teaser from page 227 after Auggie’s dog just died: And I wondered how it would feel to be in heaven someday and not have my face matter anymore. Just like it never, ever mattered to Daisy.

There are a lot of feelings brought out in this book, but the movie really brought it to life for me. In this case, I liked the movie better than the book. It changed just a few minor things and emphasized the teacher’s role more than the book did. I liked the changes that were made in the movie. The theme I carried away from reading the book is to be kinder than necessary and make the world a better place. I recommend this book to kids and the movie to everyone!  (4 stars)

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tired of Browns Bashing On Radio Every Week--Here's Some Positives!

Every Monday morning and even sometimes later in the week, The Ken Carmen Show with Anthony Lima sports talk show 92.3 The Fan hosts always pick on the Browns. I know they are have a very terrible season going 0-10; however, it’s like this radio show is beating a dead horse! No matter what, I think it is time to find some good in their games and start encouraging them a little bit. The least the hosts could do is acknowledge the good things such as:
• They do not get blown away and have actually been competitive with a chance to win into the fourth quarter in at least four games. Seven of the games were lost by two TDs or less.
• Last week against the Jaguars (a first-place team in their division by the way), the Browns defense played extremely well!
• Usually the Browns hurt themselves with tons of penalties but Sunday, they finished the game with zero penalties for the first time in 55 years against the Jaguars!
• The last TD was a fluke coming off a fumble by Kizer. Unfortunately, Kizer still had two interceptions (at least not in the Red Zone this time) and two costly fumbles. I feel bad for him. I think he tries very hard and has a fairly strong arm and quick legs with some good running moves. He is courageous and still learning. I wish the talk shows would give him some credit!
• It also was nice to see our receivers holding on to the ball for the most part.
• More good news was that our kicker made the extra point! This can never be taken for granted.
The Browns get to play the Bengals and Charges who are both 4-6 (not so great a record) but I really look forward to seeing them play the Bears who are 3-7 and seem to have similar problems as the Browns when it comes to winning.

The way I look at it, if Kizer can stay healthy and finish the season out as the Browns No. 1 quarterback, it will have been a successful season. He is very young and a hard worker. He will only improve if he gets to play.

I’d love to hear what other Browns fans think. I know it is hard to watch them because it seems every week they come up with new ways to lose, but I still have hope for the future with Kizer. I wonder what would happen if Hugh Jackson actually got an offensive coordinator instead of insisting on calling all the plays himself.

I just finished reading Relentless (Julian Edelman's memoir) and couldn't help but notice the big difference between the Browns and the Patriots organizations when it comes to coaching, attitude, work ethic and expectations.  I highly recommend this book to the Browns coaches and players!

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