Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My First Fantasy Football Draft - Disappointing

Let's Go, Parma Pandas!
I was so pumped and excited about draft day!  I had made up my strategy for auto picks based on my 9th round pick in a 14-team league and had set my grade A strategy.  Then, an hour before the draft started, I found out I had pick 11, not 9.  They were set randomly, not by team no. so that really threw me for a loop.  I did not have time to figure out a new grade A strategy, so decided to just wing it and pick as I went trying to get the top players available in the rounds.

Unfortunately, I was also switching browsers back and forth for my husband to pick his team as well and he had the 9th pick, which made it difficult since there was only 1 pick between us!  At one point, I think I must have got confused and was on the wrong browser because the options all showed as "queue" instead of "draft" but I didn't realize it.  I got bit flustered to say the least.  It was stressful, especially when my husband was putting in specific names and they'd already been drafted.

At one point, my husband was trying for Greg Little but it didn't say "drafted" but nor did it say "draft."  I think it said queue and then I was able to get that guy.  I don't know, maybe I was in the wrong browser then too?

Anyhow, at the end I was extremely disappointed because I had several injured RB and a bunch of dud players.  My best ranked RB, M. Gordon, is questionable and probably going to miss the first 4-6 weeks!  The good news is, the next morning I went on and made some did drop/adds and was able to make a good trade with my husband that made us both happy.  I think I'll be able to salvage it.  I think it will be fun even though I still have some question as to how the defense is going to work.

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

"Back to Church Sunday" is a Real Thing!

Our new Pastor at Parma Heights Baptist Church told us that September 15 is "National Back to Church Sunday."  I never heard of it before and thought it was just some idea he came up with, so, I googled it.   Lo and behold, it's actually a real thing!

The idea is to try to get people who have dropped out of church for one reason or another to come and give it another try on that Sunday or for those who never stepped foot inside of a church to come that week.  We actually have invitations to give to people and even t-shirts are available for $7!  I think that's pretty funny.  My husband wants to get one, but I think it's silly since I already attend every week anyway.

Have you ever heard of this before?  Are you going?  If you are in Cleveland or its suburbs, I invite to to join us on Sunday, September 15 or attend a church near you.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

I Think I'm Wearing Mom Down by Roxy

After my morning walk, I came in looking for mom and found her still in bed.  Up I came and gave her a doggy kiss.  She couldn't help but pet me up!  She actually let me stay for a while before telling me to get off (as you can see, long enough for dad to capture the evidence) .

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

My New Home Is Official! by Roxy

Howl!  My two-week adjustment period is officially over today, and Karen bought me an ID tag with my name, phone and address.  I am so happy to have found a good home.

To get your own bed, just keep on lying on your owners' bed every night. Karen bought a nice soft dog bed for me from Walmart.  I tested it right away and it seems quite nice like it will work.  It is a fancy Sertapedic Enhanced Memory Foam couch Pet Bed.  It says the "memory foam blend provides therapeutic support for all dogs and eases discomfort of older dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis."  Karen thought that since I like lying on the couch and the chair so much, that I would appreciate a soft bed.  

Oh, one more thing:  I surprised Karen yesterday.  Before she and Gerard went outside together for just a short time, only 5-10 minutes, she put me in my den with the popsicle Wolf Wilderness popsicle treat.  I had it all gone by the time she came back inside and she was shocked that I had it finished so quickly.  Now she'll realize give me that does not keep me occupied for long at all when she leaves me alone in my den while they leave.

Karen just added a new playlist to her YouTube channel for me:  Roxy Rocks. 

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Friday, August 23, 2019

My First Trip to See Pickleball by Roxy

Today, Karen was off work and her and Gerard took me along with them to Elmwood Park in Independence where they play Pickleball.  I was not interested in the game at all, but I sure enjoyed meeting their friends who said I was a gorgeous dog.  One guy (Bob) said I reminded him of his first dog, a Husky/Shepherd mix.  Gerard and Karen took turns playing while one stayed with me.  Bob volunteered to walk me around too so Karen and Gerard could both play at the same time!  I loved walking around such a pretty wide open place.

While walking with Karen, we found a nice big bowl right by a drinking fountain near the ball fields that I got a drink from.  We also found a poop bag box so Karen pulled out a couple just in case, but I didn't have to make poopers while I was there.  It was a very nice day, sunny with a gentle breeze and only around 70 degrees the whole time I was there.  Part of the time I just sat near the bench getting pet up by different people and some of the time I laid in the shade near the picnic bench.

I saw a big field with a fence all around it and some dogs were running around inside.  I sure hope one day I'll be able to do that!  It's a very pretty park as you can see from these pics Karen took as we were leaving.

Gerard and Roxy heading back to the car

Fence is around the ballfield and some let their dogs run loose inside.

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