Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Scrabble for Juniors--Gerard Almost Won This one!

Finally, a game that was competitive--Scrabble for Juniors.  This is based on Scrabble, but the words are already on the board so all you do is cover them.  The person to complete the word wins a point.  You get to play two letters each turn, either the first letter of a word or the next in a word that is started.  A bit of strategy comes in because you can see the other player's letters.  Mostly though, this is a game of luck which I only won by two points.

The board though is reverseable with the other side a bunch of blank squares.  You make your own words and connect them as in Scrabble, but the scoring is much simpler.  You score one point for each letter in the word.

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Tis So -- Another "Bible" Game

Yesterday, I chose to play Tis So--a game where you put together Proverbs from the Bible.  It includes a list of the ones in the game and color codes them into 5 groups with different point values.  Each proverb is broken into three parts and the object is to put them together.  There are also some bonus point pieces that you can use to add 100 points or double the point value of the proverb you play it on.  You can play until all the pieces have been picked, but that would take quite a long time so we just set a time limit of an hour.  I won.  It isn't a lot of fun, but it is a good way to learn some proverbs!  I think once you learned the Proverbs well enough that you didn't have to look on the list, it would be more fun and go much faster. 

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Game Called "TRUMP"

Just so you know, we don't only have old games.  Friday night we played one of our newer ones--TRUMP.  It is a real estate game about making deals, bidding for property and just trying to make the most money.  An odd thing about it is that we are dealing with millions of dollars which I am not used to counting.  It was a little hard when it came to totaling everything up at the end!  I won by $510,000,000 with a total sum of $1,250,000,000! 

I think this is only the third time we played it because it's really a game meant for 3-4 players.  With only two of us playing, we modified it a bit by only using about half the Trump cards so it wouldn't take as long.  The game ends when the pile of Trump cards are gone.  Play just continues until no one can play any more Trump cards they hold.  Then you add up all the money you have, including what is hidden in the properties you own.

Have you ever played this one?

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Saturday Morning Relax Time With Roxy

After blow drying Roxy off after our walk in the rain, I rewarded her with a little mom time on the bed together.  Nice to not have to do our grocery shopping this morning since I did it Thursday this week.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Time For Baseball!

Today was supposed to be the Indians home opener and we had a beautiful day for it!  Unfortunately, it has been postponed due to the Corona virus.  So, tonight we played our Baseball box game that came out in 1959.  It's actually quite fun and as close to actually playing as you can get, for a box game.  Sometimes the simpler games are the most fun!

One person gets to pitch by choosing good and bad pitches, trying to strike out his opponent who either swings or doesn't.  A swing at a good pitch results in a batted ball (not necessarily a hit) and a swing at a bad pitch is a strike.  Not swinging at a good pitch is a strike, not swinging it a bad pitch is a ball.  If the batter hits the ball, they choose either a "Bases Empty" card or a "Base Runners" card.  There are little tokens you can move around the bases.  The cards have baseball situations on them such as "Fly out to left" or "Long double, runners advance 3 bases."  You can even try to steal if you wish, by drawing a "steal" card.  It's actually quite fun if you like baseball.  We played a full nine innings and I won 7-4.

The scoreboard has wheels to turn to show the number of strikes, balls, outs and runs.  The cardboard scoreboard originally had tabs that fit into slots on the game board, but they broke off so my dad attached a wooden stand for it.  There used to be sticks that fit into the circles to move the pitch choice and batter knobs, but those broke too so we just push the knobs.  It works!  Have you ever seen this game?  I sometimes use the cards from it when we have a baseball review game in Sunday School.

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