Saturday, August 24, 2019

My New Home Is Official! by Roxy

Howl!  My two-week adjustment period is officially over today, and Karen bought me an ID tag with my name, phone and address.  I am so happy to have found a good home.

To get your own bed, just keep on lying on your owners' bed every night. Karen bought a nice soft dog bed for me from Walmart.  I tested it right away and it seems quite nice like it will work.  It is a fancy Sertapedic Enhanced Memory Foam couch Pet Bed.  It says the "memory foam blend provides therapeutic support for all dogs and eases discomfort of older dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis."  Karen thought that since I like lying on the couch and the chair so much, that I would appreciate a soft bed.  

Oh, one more thing:  I surprised Karen yesterday.  Before she and Gerard went outside together for just a short time, only 5-10 minutes, she put me in my den with the popsicle Wolf Wilderness popsicle treat.  I had it all gone by the time she came back inside and she was shocked that I had it finished so quickly.  Now she'll realize give me that does not keep me occupied for long at all when she leaves me alone in my den while they leave.

Karen just added a new playlist to her YouTube channel for me:  Roxy Rocks. 

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Friday, August 23, 2019

My First Trip to See Pickleball by Roxy

Today, Karen was off work and her and Gerard took me along with them to Elmwood Park in Independence where they play Pickleball.  I was not interested in the game at all, but I sure enjoyed meeting their friends who said I was a gorgeous dog.  One guy (Bob) said I reminded him of his first dog, a Husky/Shepherd mix.  Gerard and Karen took turns playing while one stayed with me.  Bob volunteered to walk me around too so Karen and Gerard could both play at the same time!  I loved walking around such a pretty wide open place.

While walking with Karen, we found a nice big bowl right by a drinking fountain near the ball fields that I got a drink from.  We also found a poop bag box so Karen pulled out a couple just in case, but I didn't have to make poopers while I was there.  It was a very nice day, sunny with a gentle breeze and only around 70 degrees the whole time I was there.  Part of the time I just sat near the bench getting pet up by different people and some of the time I laid in the shade near the picnic bench.

I saw a big field with a fence all around it and some dogs were running around inside.  I sure hope one day I'll be able to do that!  It's a very pretty park as you can see from these pics Karen took as we were leaving.

Gerard and Roxy heading back to the car

Fence is around the ballfield and some let their dogs run loose inside.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Have to Let the Dog Know I'm Boss by Spunky Doodle

Last Saturday, a black and white dog named Roxy came into my house and stayed!  I was up on my cat tree and in she walks, checking me out.  She was actually nice, didn't bark or growl or threaten me in any way, but when she stuck her big nose right in my face, I gave a big hiss and swatted her on her big nose.  She just walked away and now knows not to mess with me.

My mom moved my food upstairs for me so I could eat in peace and not worry about Roxy making me nervous.  I really don't mind, because not that I'm 15, I don't enjoy jumping on high things like I used to so upstairs she lets me have my food on the floor.  She has to keep reminding Roxy not to come up the steps because she's very curious.  Upstairs is the Cat Only Zone, no dogs allowed!

Roxy got a really big special "safety zone box" of her very own, but I sneak into it sometimes just so she knows I can go wherever I wish because I rule around here.  After all, mom put MY comfy white lounge inside her box so I have every right to go inside if I want.  Sometimes I just stop by for a drink from the water bowl and other times, I make myself at home.

Last night, I noticed after I left, Roxy went in even though mom and dad were home.  Maybe she's a bit afraid of losing it to me if she doesn't use it more?

What's that bossy cat think she's doing?  This is my den.

 Did you notice how much bigger she is than me?  I am very brave though as you can see me standing my ground blocking her from coming into the hall.  Mom came and made me move out of her way to let her through, but I think I made my point.
You can't go through yet, not until I say you can.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Had A Little Accident on My Walk to the Park by Roxy

Karen took me on the park walk this morning and Gerard came along with some doggie water bottle that he wanted me to use.  I finally gave in near the end of the walk and took a little sip.  That seemed to make both my new parents happy.  The sad thing was that on the way there on State Road in front of Bartel's, I made a quick juke (or cutback) like a running back and cut right in front of Karen.  I think I would make a great running back if I could hold the ball.  I have the cut back down.

Karen tried to stop without falling on me and manged to fall sideways on the grass for the most part and made sure she fell on my leash so I wouldn't get loose (not like I would have anyway).  I felt bad, but she seemed to pop up quickly and just rubbed her knee a bit.  It was just scraped a little, must have caught some of the sidewalk when she fell.

She was very nice about it though and didn't yell at me.  She just explained that I can't be doing that.  I need to walk in a straight line next to her on one side or the other and not switch all the time.  I did better and only cut her off maybe two or three times through the park and all the way back home.  I kissed her boo boo after she bandaged it up and it's all better now. 

Sorry no picture of the fall even though she had the camera with her.  Guess she was a bit shaken up by it and didn't ask Gerard to take her picture lying on the ground when it happened. I am just so excited to get to go on so many great walks all in one day!  I love it here in my new home even though they sometimes forget and call my Abby by mistake. 

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Get A Pet Saturday - Bargain Day at the Shelters!

Saturday, August 17, is Clear the Shelters Day!  Pets are up for adoption at reduced rates and over 3 year-old pets are free to good homes!  Just know, pets are not cheap to take care of.  Smaller pets are cheaper than bigger ones and can give you much love and companionship.

Pets are lots of fun and certainly bring new life into a home but consider the expenses involved.  For cats, litter box and cat litter is absolutely necessary.  Monthly flea and heartworm prevention, of course food and treats.  Maybe a nice cat tree and some toys although most cats are very happy playing with simple things around the house such as milk bottle caps, crunched up small paper balls, ping pong balls and shoelaces.  If you have a spinning chair, you can give your cat a slow ride on that and they love boxes and paper bags--just make sure any handle is removed for safety.  Then there are vet bills for vaccines and stuff that comes up.

For dogs, must haves are leash, collar, dog license, food, treats and perhaps a crate depending on age and behavior of dog when left alone, vet costs for vaccines and other stuff that comes up.  Monthy heartworm and flea & tick prevention.  Then there are the fun extras, a retractable leash, dog bed, boots for winter, bones to chew on, possibly steps to assist in getting in and out of car.  Also, I would recommend training classes the PetSmart conducts for dogs.  It was a great experience and is a good way to build a strong bond with your dog as well as get it socialized with other dogs.

There is pet insurance available to help with the vet bills.  In the past, we never had pet insurance; however, after our experience with our dog Abby getting attacked while walking and her dislocating her shoulder, I have decided to get it for our new dog Roxy.  You just never know what will happen and when disease or accidents happen, costs are very expensive.  The best I found is at ASPCA pet insurance .com. 

Pet ownership is a big responsibility, but also lots of enjoyment and fun!  Go find one!

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