Thursday, April 9, 2020

Razzle Went Quick But Got Bored With Triple Yahtzee

Razzle is a quick-thinking word game where you try to unscramble words of at least 4 letters.  If adults and kids play, the kids can make 3-letter words.  When you say and spell a word before your opponent does, you move the tray of letter cubes one space toward your goal.  If you don't see any word, you can challenge your opponent and flip the 30-second timer.  Then if your opponent doesn't come up with a word, you get to move the tray toward your goal.  When you reach your goal (the end of the tray) you score a point.  You can play to 10 or 5.  There are score things on the edge of the board for convenience.  We played to 5 only because I kept winning every time.  We were done in just 10 minutes so then chose another game to play.

We switched to Triple Yahtzee for an hour and still didn't finish so gave up on this one.  It's just rolling five dice and filling in the score sheet with different combinations.  In triple Yahtzee, you actually play 3 games at once.  The score sheet has three columns--the first is straight, the second doubles the score of the items and the third column triples the score of the items.  You add all three column totals together and the high score wins.  The highest item is a Yahtzee (50 pts.)--when all five dice show the same number.  You have to add a lot in this game--total all dice for 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, chance, and the total of same numbers that are rolled; for example, if you go for 4s and roll 3, you would score 12 points. 

Which game would you like better?  Have you played either one?  I prefer Razzle but my husband didn't like either one.  It's small enough that you could even take it to a restaurant to play while waiting for your food.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

OUTBURSTJunior Is Easy and Fun

OUTBURST Junior is a fun game for us because my husband is pretty good at it so our games are competitive.  This is one we both win sometimes.  It is similar to Family Feud, except easier.  Instead of answering a question, you are given a topic and must shout out things related to that topic.  There are 10 answers listed below the topic and you score one point for each one you say.  Plus, you choose a card with a number on it and if you said that number answer, you score 3 bonus points!  Game is the first to reach 50 points.  It even has a little scoring device to keep track of the points.  You have 30 seconds to give answers.  You can play with teams or just two.  The blue topics are more for adults and the orange topics for kids, but usually we used the kid topics because they were easier.  Have you ever played this?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rook Is Fun if You Like Card Games

Rook is a card game with four suits:  black, green, red, yellow and numbers 1-14.  You can play just about any game with these cards that you can with a normal deck.  There are a variety of specific games listed in the table of contents of the rule book though from games for just two to games of as many as 6 players.  My husband and I played the regular Rook game for two and Tennessee for Two (fun card game for two).  Both games involved bidding, naming trump and taking tricks.  The only point cards are 14s and 10s which count 10 points and 5s which count 5 points.  High bidder names trump, but unlike other card games, the non-bidder leads first.  I thought it was fun because I like card games; however, Gerard just played along to make me happy.  He never wanted to bid so it wasn't very challenging.  Obviously, I won all these since I was able to name trump for the opening bid every hand.

This was my first introduction to playing cards as a kid.  Have you ever played with these cards?

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Made My Corona Virus Mask

With the new suggestion to wear a mask when out in public where you can't guarantee you can keep the 6' social distance, I decided to try making one after seeing this easy video on Facebook.  No sewing needed is what got my attention.  When I did mine, I found a pair of socks I never wear and just cut off the top part to use for the mask.  I sure don't want to be part of the problem and spread it to anyone else in case I have it and don't know it.

I saw there were lots of different videos showing easy ways to make masks.  I still think wearing a sign that says "stay away" might be a good idea though!  What about you?  Are you wearing a mask when you go to a store?

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

I Couldn't Stand It Anymore!

My sheepdog look
Hair off my forehead

April is when I usually get my hair cut very short for summer when I can't stand it falling in my eyes anymore.  Yesterday while walking, I had to keep brushing it out of my eyes.  With the hair salons closed though and the stay-at-home order in effect, I cut it myself.  When I even had trouble sleeping because it is so annoying, when I got dressed this morning, I had all the courage I needed thinking that the worst that could happen would be for it to look awful.  So what if it did, with me not being able to visit with friends now anyway it was a good time to try it.  Of course, it will grow long again, unfortunately.  All I know is, I'm glad I did it--feels so much better and now I may be able to keep from touching my face 500 times a day!

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