Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Like My Yard Sign

When on a walk with Roxy, I saw a cute Browns sign I had not seen before.  I really liked it and then saw two more similar ones on the other side of the street nearby.  I thought they were homemade so later that day I walked that way again to show my husband.  We picked one of the houses and I asked where they got their Browns sign from.  The lady said her son made it so I asked if he could make me one.  She said she would have him give me a call so I gave her my phone number.  Three days later I heard from him saying the sign was done and I could pick it up any time.  He only asked for $20 which I was more than happy to pay for it.  I picked it up this morning and put it in my yard.  I love it because it's so simple, easy to read, and yet conveys the dog pound with the bone shape. 

Do you have any Browns decorations in your yard?


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Lin said...

It's so cute! And different! So nice of him to make it for you.

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