Friday, January 17, 2020

A New Discovery - the Minute Clinic

When my husband went to get a free hearing exam and possibly a hearing aid, they found a lot of wax build up in his right ear and advised him to go to the minute-clinic at CVS to have the wax removed before getting a hearing aid.

This was the first I heard of a minute-clinic in CVS.  The name is somewhat deceiving though because it definitely takes more than a minute.  Perhaps the name refers to the time it takes to register and sign in, but there can be a wait as long as a couple hours which was the case when we went to the one down the road from where he was tested.  Fortunately, the CVS only .8 miles from our home also has one.  We just never noticed it before.  They do a variety of things, not just wax removal, and it's less than an urgent care or a hospital.  Our insurance covered $99 of the cost so we only had to pay $5! 

The technician was able to get most of it out and advised using drops a couple days to soften the rest.  She was very nice and considerate of what my husband was feeling during the removal process and did not continue once she saw the ear was getting irritated.  She also made a follow-up appointment for us so we wouldn't have a long wait.  She said the waiting list usually gets crowded.

I would recommend it.

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Brian said...

I sure hope his ear gets the all clear soon! We had a place called Prompt Care and they weren't prompt either.

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