Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Daisy The Curly Cat Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Picture from Daisy's Blog
I was very sad  to see that one of our first blogger friends, Daisy, the Curly Cat, crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon.  Our hearts go out to your owner, Daisy.  The cat's blog was so fun to visit because it was funny.  We loved seeing the different outfits Daisy modeled for us and her thoughts on things.  Then when she got a brother, Harley, there was even more excitement. 

Although Daisy stopped blogging back in 2013, you can still visit the blog.  It is really my favorite blog ever!  Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.  Rest in peace, Daisy.  You are probably the most widely loved cat ever!  Here is the link: 

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Lin said...

It is so sad to hear of her passing. She reminded me so much of my own sweet kitty, Grace. I feel Abby's loss--it is so hard to lose a kitty to kidney disease.

Poppy Q said...

Daisy truly was a queen and we will miss her too.

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