Saturday, March 5, 2016

Puzzling Political Elections

I admit I am no authority by any means on politics, but the 2016 Republican Presidential campaigning and elections are puzzling to me.  Here is a list of things I don't get and would like some answers to or hear your thoughts on:
  • We have one nation, the United States of America, yet the election process differs from state to state!  Some have open primaries where anyone can go vote regardless of party.  I just realized this an am so shocked.  I think it is crazy that some have open primaries and others have closed.  I thought up until recently, that all primaries were closed.  Maybe just because I live in Ohio and that is how our primaries are done, I assumed it was done that way nationwide.  I personally think open primaries are outrageous! 
  • The whole delegate system rubs me the wrong way too.  I do not understand how the delegates are awarded to the candidates.  I get that in closed primaries, all delegates go to the winning candidate in that state; however, I do not get how they are split among the candidates in open primary states.
  • I am also baffled by the fact that Mr. Trump is the forerunner out of the Republican candidates so far.  It seems he just yells a lot and people vote for his toughness, confident attitude and like when he puts others down, even his fellow Republicans!   Why people think he will get things done simply because he is a good businessman is beyond me.   His behavior and talk do not seem very Presidential to me--is that why people vote for him? 
  • To make it even more confusing, some states have caucuses where the people actually meet and get in different groups to support the different candidates.  I'm not even sure how this works exactly, but I do know it was at one of these where Ted Cruz's campaign workers spread the word that Dr. Carson was dropping out when he really wasn't (at least not at that time).  I really liked watching some of the town hall meetings where there was just one candidate there answering questions from ordinary citizens as well as some from the host.
  • Finally, I enjoy watching the debates but do not understand whey the moderators do not give all the candidates a chance to answer the question.  They allow the candidates to break the rules over and over again that they all agreed to at the beginning.  If they interrupt someone, they should have a penalty called and get a time out.  If they talk during their timeout, they should be asked to leave the platform.  As it is now, it is a joke!  When they interrupt and insult each other, they get all the time they want.  If they talk too long and the buzzer sounds, they still go on as long as they like.  
  •  Furthermore, on the debates it seems as though the first question is always directed to Mr. Trump and it's not even always about the issues.  It's often about his response to what somebody said about him.  To me this just seems completely unfair to the other candidates and certainly does not set a good tone for sticking to the issues.

What do you think about the primary elections and the debates?  

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Lin said...

The candidates and the primaries are disturbing to me. I am also very dismayed about how people are treating each other based on their political choices and opinions. It has all turned very nasty and embarrassing.

I think white middle class America feels dumped on, unrepresented and discouraged and they may be the people who are silently backing Trump. Nobody will admit to voting for him, but apparently a lot of people are. If you listen to the candidates, they all talk about the minorities and what they will do for them--but what about white middle class??? There is nothing but what we will give the minorities.

I think both parties are completely going in the wrong direction and these candidates scare the heck out of me.

Karen said...

Thanks so much for your comment. I agree that it seems not many people admit they are voting for Trump yet is the forerunner (other than my husband who thinks he'll get things done). You raise a good point about the white middle class not seeming to get any specific attention from these guys. It seems we are back once again voting for the lesser of evils.

Sandee said...

I'm not voting for Trump. He's disgusting.

Hillery for prison. I'm not voting for her either. She's a crook.

Is there anyone to vote for? I don't know.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Karen said...

Sandee--You're funny. I hope you will vote even if it is a vote against someone else. I believe Rubio, Cruz or Kasich would be better in there than Hilary or Bernie.

Homestay Mama said...

Hi Karen,
I feel like you do with this election. It looks like I will have to vote for the lesser of two evils this November, which leaves me feeling really discouraged with the direction our country is headed!!

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Lastly, I haven't kept up with my own two blogs--just got way too busy with life and taking care of International Homestay students (I currently have 5)!! So it was very surprising to run across your name in a totally unrelated website!! But we know that what might appear as a mere coincidence is really the Lord directing our paths. Praise God!
Blessing to you and Gerard. Sue Russell

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