Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Happened to My Grass, Dad? by Abby (Our Dog)

I love walking through the tall grass at Parma High School on my walks.  My mom even took a video of me doing it not too long ago, but here is a picture she pulled out of it to show you again.

You can hardly see me in this one, which is why I like it.  It's fun to hide in the tall grass.  Here is a close up of me that you can see me much better:

Then, when I came up the hill and looked down, anxious to tromp through my favorite tall grass spot, this is what I saw:

I was confused and sad and disappointed and shocked and upset all at the same time!  Where did my tall grass go????  Who took it away?????  No one consulted me.

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Lin said...

The "after" photo is missing from the post, but I'm guessing it has been mowed down. :( Bummer. There is always a buzzkill ruining the fun.

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin, Goofy blogger posted it early--I thought I had put the time to post for 5:00 p.m. but must have goofed up somehow. Oops. Good thing I decided to go for the picture before our nursing home visit.

Lin said...

Blogger goes wonky every now and then.

Bummer all the fun tall grass is gone. :( Good thing it grows back quickly!

Peabea Scribbles said...

Abby, hope your human mama finds you another tall grass area until this one returns. :) Great post and fun to read Karen.

(Peabea from former PNN)

Glad to see you guys are still blogging. I am too.

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