Friday, December 26, 2014

Limping Along for Christmas but Happy Just the Same

Christmas morning (cats upstairs)
Christmas Eve morning, I noticed Abby (our dog) came limping to breakfast and walking much slower than usual.  Then when it was time for her walk, she just sniffed around by our bushes, then walked as far as the sidewalk and sat down.  We knew for sure something was wrong so called our vet and they said they had an opening at 9:00 and of course recommended that we bring her in to have her checked out.

We lifted her in and out of the car and the vet turned her leg and neck in all directions and proclaimed, nothing seemed broken.  We increased her daily Metacam dosage to the max allowed for her weight and put pillows by the furniture that she jumps off of to soften her landing.  All we can do is just take her out to do her business to rest her leg and see what happens.

Cookie from Moochie's
I am pleased to report that it seems to be getting better.  She still limps along, but much quicker than the first day and acts normal in all other ways.  For Christmas she gobbled up her special cookie before Gerard even could see it.  We put her new dog tag on along with her Canine Good Citizen tag with her new Links-It holder.  But the present she liked best and that the cats were
Blue Senior Turkey & Chicken Grill
interested in too was the Blue Mountain Senior wet canned dog food.  Oh, she was so excited for that and the cats both came over too trying to get some.  We gave her half on Christmas and she'll get the other half of the can today.

Here's just a short video to show how she is limping along this morning.

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Sandee said...

There comes a time when they shouldn't be jumping up and down. Abby may be there. It's really hard on them. Little Bit doesn't jump up or down anymore. We have a dog ramp for the truck and a full body harness for the boat. Little Bit hurt herself just like this many years ago. She's fine now because we don't let her jump up and down.

I'm glad she's better today.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ☺

Rosemary Nickerson said...

Hoping Abby recovers well and soon. Happy New Year to you and your husband.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

getting old ain't for matter how many, or few, lets we have. we had stairs built for the bed, makes it easier on the dogs. wish Blue could be bought around here; great food.

Summer said...

Poor Abby - I am sending her lots of purrs and I hope her leg feels better soon.

Lin said...

Sometimes she may just sleep on it wrong, or hurt it getting up or down from somewhere. Heck, I'm sorta like that too--I have aches and pains for no reason--it is just getting old!

I hope she is feeling better today.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Poor baby....glad to hear that she is doing better. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

Mrs4444 said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better!!!

Thank you for the beautiful card, btw. We didn't send any this year; I decided to donate the money to a charity, instead, and am still deciding which one. Guess I'd better get on that before the end of the year!

Happy New Year!

Gattina said...

She probably has arthritis in her leg, my oldest cat has it in her hind legs and can't jump high anymore. Poor thing !

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