Monday, November 19, 2012

We Got New Browns Shirts But They Still Lost

We got new custom Browns t-shirts made by Vista Print with Abby's picture on them. The Browns lost again yesterday, but really it was their own fault. They were on the 2-yd. line and couldn't get it into the end zone in 4 tries--just pathetic. Then, the Giants  Oops, I mean the Cowboys tied the game with a field goal sending it into overtime. The Giants  Cowboys had a long field, but the Browns gave them lots of free yards due to penalties and lost the game in the end.

This was expected; however, they dominated for three quarters. They were playing very well, the defense had I think five or six sacks!

Once again, Weeden is not good at scrambling. He always chokes when we get into the red zone and I just wish the Browns would use Colt McCoy in those situations (like baseball uses relief pitchers and closers). He would have ran the ball into the end zone himself and we probably would have won the game, but no. They keep Weeden in no matter what. Another disappointing game. C'mon Browns, play by the rules and quit giving up so many free yards!

At least the Patriots won with 59 points!  Gerard is happy and did not get stressed watching.  

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Unknown said...

They may have lost Karen but I love your shirts, and I bet Abby really loves be shown off!!

Have a wonderful week :-)

BeadedTail said...

Cute shirts! Our team lost again too. They're really pathetic.

Ann in the UP said...

At least the Patriots put on a football clinic! It is so frustrating when a team is right at the end zone and can't put it in, and when they penalize themselves right out of the progress they've made.

I feel your pain, though I'm a Packer fan. I was watching the Browns scores and thought they'd pull one out---just for you guys.

My team didn't look that great, but a W is a W---no matter how ugly.

Ugochi said...

I love the shirts too, they look great!Cheer up though, next time might be different, keep your hopes up!

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