Thursday, August 28, 2008

Organizing Tip for Week 11: Coupons

Put coupons with the item they are for or with your credit card. For example, when I get coupons for pet food, I put it with my pet food bag so I see it when I need to shop for more. When I shop, I put the coupon right with my credit card so I remember to use it when I check out. CVS coupons I put right with my CVS card so when I pay, I see I have the coupon and if it expired, then out it goes. This way I remember to use them and if they expire, then out they go.

On the other hand, Gerard uses a different system. He shoves them all in an envelope and every time he plans to go shopping, he sifts through all the coupons first just looking for the ones he wants to use. Eventually, he'll sit down and sort through them all throwing away the expired ones which takes him about half an hour to do. I like my system much better!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good system Karen. Since I don't do the shopping Bill is in charge of coupons and he lays them all over the place and then forgets them.

The Florida Furkids said...

You have a good system. Unfortunately, I am a "stuff them in an envelope" couponer! I do try to pull out the ones I plan on using before I shop though :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have many coupons in your country? We don't tend to see the quantities over here in Britain that we used to get. We do have some issued by Supermarkets that are linked to 'Loyalty Cards' some are for money off whilst others are a points system. Sainsbury's are quite good as they issue points for each purchase that you make and then when you have accumulated 500 points you can take £2.50 off your grocery bill. Items are awarded points according to their cost so it soon mounts up ... I think if they are paper coupons though it's a really good idea as you say to place them with your credit card. There's nothing worse than walking out of the shop or geting home to find that you haven't used them. I've done that a few times!! :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Yes, Polly, we always get a lot of coupons in the paper. We also have gimmicks like you do for accumulating points and credits toward stuff.

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