Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting Off The New Year Right

We got lots of snow yesterday but the temperature got up to 40 degrees so I got to go to West Creek Park. As you can see from the video, I like the snow. It is great fun to walk in the deep snow and I like to dig into it with my snout. Sometimes I get snow on my face and head which makes my humans laugh. Since my mom's New Year's Resolution this year is to move more, I'm hoping I will get to move more too. I will try my best to get her to come along on my walks this year. Do you think she will?

P.S.  Our Favorite Reads for 2013 are up on our book blog if interested.

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Lin said...

I need to move more too. I am planning on going to the gym more in 2014.

It's too cold and snowy here to go anywhere. Nice that the temps were so warm that you could go out and enjoy the snow. I love the snow too!

Sparkle said...

Happy 2014! We kitties here move around a LOT, and I can tell you, it helps us keep young!

Sandee said...

Moving more is a very good thing. Go for it.

Abby is adorable. She's love the snow.

Have a fabulous new year. :)

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